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 jì mò lonely / lonesome / (of a place) quiet / silent
 chén mò taciturn / uncommunicative / silent
 wú shēng noiseless / noiselessly / silent
 mò rán silent / speechless
 jìng yīn quiet / silent / mute
 jìng jì quiet / silent
 jì rán silent / quiet
 mò silent / to write from memory
 jì silent / solitary / Taiwan pr. [ji2]
 jìn unable to speak / silent
 mì still / silent
 mò old term for northern peoples / silent
 mò name of a wild tribe / silent
 xù still / silent
 wú yán to remain silent / to have nothing to say
 chén mò guǎ yán habitually silent (idiom) / reticent / uncommunicative
 jiān mò to keep silent
 bù shēng bù xiǎng wordless and silent (idiom) / without speaking / taciturn
 bì zhòng jiù qīng to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial / to keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones
 bù zuò shēng keep silent / not say a word
 shān rán lèi xià to shed silent tears (idiom)
 sù jìng silence / solemnly silent / peaceful / to pacify
 mò xiǎng silent contemplation / to meditate / to think in silence
 Chūn cán Silkworms in Spring (1933), Chinese silent movie in socialist realist style, based on novel by Mao Dun 茅盾[Mao2 Dun4]
 mò piàn silent movie
 yǎo rán quiet, silent, and lonely / far and indistinct / gone without a trace
 mò dǎo silent prayer / pray in silence
 lěng bào lì non-physical abuse / emotional abuse / the silent treatment
 gǎn nù ér bù gǎn yán angry, but not daring to speak out (idiom) / obliged to remain silent about one's resentment / unable to voice objections
 háo old term for northern peoples / silent
 mò bù zuò shēng to keep silent
 bù yán bù yǔ to not say a word (idiom) / to keep silent
 bù zàn yī cí to keep silent / to make no comment
 wàn lài wú shēng not a sound to be heard (idiom) / dead silent
 bì kǒu bù yán to keep silent (idiom)
 Píng ān Yè Silent Night (Christmas carol) / Christmas Eve
 mēn shēng bù xiǎng to keep silent
 dù kǒu to remain silent
 mǎn zuò jì rán the whole audience silent with expectation
 wú yǔ to remain silent / to have nothing to say / (coll.) speechless / dumbfounded
 fù fěi silent curse or disagreement / unspoken criticism
 qù rán quiet / still and silent
 yǐn bì qiǎng pò xià zài drive-by download (a form of malware booby-trap) / silent drive-by download
 jìng qū silent zone / blind spot / dead space
 yī shēng bù xiǎng to keep totally silent / noiselessly
  right to remain silent
  silent emergency
 mì mì tòng huǒ secret partner / sleeping partner / silent partner
  silent emergencies of poverty
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