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 yǎ ba mute / muted / a dumb person / to be dumb
 jìng yīn quiet / silent / mute
 yǎ dumb / mute / hoarse / husky / unexploded (of artillery shell etc)
 yīn mute
 yīn mute
 lóng yǎ rén a deaf mute person
 yǎ zi mute person / dumb person / (more commonly called 啞巴|哑巴[ya3 ba5])
 wàn mǎ qí yīn thousands of horses, all mute (idiom) / no-one dares to speak out / an atmosphere of political oppression
 yǎ mute, incapable of speech / same as 啞|哑[ya3]
 yóu bí tiān é (bird species of China) mute swan (Cygnus olor)
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