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 wéi yī only / sole
 dān yī single / only / sole
 wéi yī only / sole / variant of 唯一[wei2 yi1]
 xié dǐ sole (of a shoe)
 dān bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dú alone / independent / single / sole / only
 tǎ sole (fish)
 píng family of flatfish / sole
 dié flatfish / flounder / sole
 lóng lì sole / right-eyed flounder / flatfish / see also 鰈|鲽[die2]
 jiǎo zhǎng the sole of the foot
 dú zūn to revere as sole orthodoxy / to hold supremacy (of a religion, ideology, cultural norm, social group etc) / to be dominant
 bāo xiāo to have exclusive selling rights / to be the sole agent for a production unit or firm
 dú shēng only (child) / to be the sole survivor
 jiǎo bǎn the sole of the foot
 dú fū sole ruler / dictator
 nà to receive / to accept / to enjoy / to bring into / to pay (tax etc) / nano- (one billionth) / to reinforce sole of shoes or stockings by close sewing
 zhǎng palm of the hand / sole of the foot / paw / horseshoe / to slap / to hold in one's hand / to wield
 shàng to sole a shoe
 zhí metatarsus / sole of foot / to tread on
 shàng to sole a shoe / also written 緔|绱[shang4]
 dú bà yī fāng to exercise sole hegemony (idiom) / to dominate a whole area (market, resources etc) / to hold as one's personal fiefdom
 dú miáo only child / sole scion
 fǎn sole or flounder
 shí jiàn shì jiǎn yàn zhēn lǐ de wéi yī biāo zhǔn Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
 bà chù bǎi jiā , dú zūn rú shù Dismiss the hundred schools, revere only the Confucian (idiom) / sole dominant ideology
 tài píng yáng nǐ yōng dié flathead sole
 shàng xié to sole a shoe
 shàng xié to sole a shoe / also written 上鞋[shang4 xie2]
 wén zé zì fù the author takes sole responsibility for the views expressed here (disclaimer)
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