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 qí yú the rest / the others / remaining / remainder / apart from them
 líng zero / nought / zero sign / fractional / fragmentary / odd (of numbers) / (placed between two numbers to indicate a smaller quantity followed by a larger one) / fraction / (in mathematics) remainder (after division) / extra / to wither and fall / to wither
 shèng yú remainder / surplus
 yú é balance (of an account, bill etc) / surplus / remainder
 wěi shù remainder (after rounding a number) / decimal part (of number after the decimal point) / mantissa (i.e. fractional part of common logarithm in math.) / small change / balance (of an account)
 cán zhā remainder / filtered out residue / sediment / waste product / debris / detritus / rubbish
 líng tóu odd / scrap / remainder
 yú shù remainder (in division)
 wěi tail / remainder / remnant / extremity / sixth of the 28 constellations / classifier for fish
 yú shù (numerical) remainder
 yú cún remainder / balance
 yú liú remainder / fractional part (after the decimal point) / unfinished
 yú xiàng remainder term (math) / remainder / residue
 yú shèng surplus / remainder
 zhěng chú to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic) / exact division
 yú extra / surplus / remaining / remainder after division / (following numerical value) or more / in excess of (some number) / residue (math.) / after / I / me
 shèng to remain / to be left / to have as remainder
 yú variant of 餘|余[yu2], remainder
 shèng have as remainder / trad. variant of 剩[sheng4]
 shèng yú remainder / surplus
 Zhōng guó shèng yú dìng lǐ Chinese remainder theorem (math.)
 shèng yú dìng lǐ the Remainder Theorem
 Sūn zi dìng lǐ the Chinese remainder theorem
 liào tóu remainder of cloth / scraps
 yú shù dìng lǐ the Remainder Theorem
 yú liú wú fú hào shù unsigned remainder (i.e. the remainder after rounding to the nearest integer)
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