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 rán hòu after / then (afterwards) / after that / afterwards
 zhī hòu afterwards / following / later / after
 yǐ hòu after / later / afterwards / following / later on / in the future
 yī xià (used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
 de huà if (coming after a conditional clause)
 qi lai (after a verb) indicating the beginning and continuation of an action or a state / indicating an upward movement (e.g. after 站[zhan4]) / indicating completion / (after a perception verb, e.g. 看[kan4]) expressing preliminary judgment / also pr. [qi3 lai5]
 dào dǐ finally / in the end / when all is said and done / after all / to the end / to the last
 zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo
 bì jìng after all / all in all / when all is said and done / in the final analysis
 fēn fēn one after another / in succession / one by one / continuously / diverse / in profusion / numerous and confused / pell-mell
 jiū jìng to go to the bottom of a matter / after all / when all is said and done / (in an interrogative sentence) finally / outcome / result
 suí hòu soon after
 bù jiǔ not long (after) / before too long / soon / soon after
 zhào gu to take care of / to show consideration / to attend to / to look after
 xiān hòu early or late / priority / in succession / one after another
 lái diàn incoming telegram or telephone call / your telegram, telephone call, or message / to send a telegram or make a telephone call here (i.e. to the speaker) / to have instant attraction to sb / to have chemistry with sb / to come back (of electricity, after an outage)
 guò hòu after the event
 yī yī one by one / one after another
 chóng chóng layer upon layer / one after another
 xiàn huò merchandise or commodities available immediately after sale / merchandise in stock / available item / actuals (investment) / actual commodities
 lù xù in turn / successively / one after the other / bit by bit
 cǐ hòu after this / afterwards / hereafter
 de of / ~'s (possessive particle) / (used after an attribute) / (used to form a nominal expression) / (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis)
 shì hòu after the event / in hindsight / in retrospect
 Mín guó Republic of China (1912-1949) / used in Taiwan as the name of the calendar era (e.g. 民國六十年|民国六十年 / is 1971, the 60th year after 1911)
 mìng míng to give a name to / to dub / to christen / to designate / named after / naming
 huí luò to fall back / to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
 ér hòu after that / then
 zhōng jiū in the end / after all is said and done
 mǒu rén someone / a certain person / some people / I (self-address after one's surname)
 qí hòu next / later / after that
 sǐ hòu after death / posthumous
 nián nián year after year / yearly / every year / annually
 kàn zhòng to have a preference for / to fancy / to choose after consideration / to settle on
 guān zhào to take care / to keep an eye on / to look after / to tell / to remind
 hòu tiān the day after tomorrow / acquired (not innate) / a posteriori
 huí shēng to rise again after a fall / to pick up / rally (stock market etc)
 zhuī gǎn to pursue / to chase after / to accelerate / to catch up with / to overtake
 fù chū to come back out of retirement / to get involved again after having withdrawn
 chū tóu to get out of a predicament / to stick out / to take the initiative / remaining odd fraction after a division / a little more than
 Dèng Xiǎo píng Lǐ lùn Deng Xiaoping Theory / Dengism / the foundation of PRC economic development after the Cultural Revolution, building the capitalist economy within Chinese Communist Party control
 zǒu dòng to walk around / to move about / to stretch one's legs / to go for a walk / to be mobile (e.g. after an illness) / to visit one another / to pay a visit (go to the toilet)
 zhú nián year after year / with each passing year / over the years
 zhǐ gù solely preoccupied (with one thing) / engrossed / focusing (on sth) / to look after only one aspect
 guò jié to celebrate a festival / after the celebrations (i.e. once the festival is over)
 wú cháng variable / changeable / fickle / impermanence (Sanskrit: anitya) / ghost taking away the soul after death / to pass away / to die
 jiē zhe to catch and hold on / to continue / to go on to do sth / to follow / to carry on / then / after that / subsequently / to proceed / to ensue / in turn / in one's turn
 jiǔ hòu after drinking / under the influence of alcohol
 zhuī pěng to chase after (a popular person or item) / to pursue / popularity
 kě rén pleasant / agreeable / a person after one's heart (charming person) / a gifted person
 tiáo lǐ to nurse one's health / to recuperate / to take care of / to look after / to discipline / to educate / to train / to prepare food / (dialect) to make fun of / (medicine) to opsonize
 gēn zhe to follow after / immediately afterwards
 zhàn hòu after the war / postwar
 zhuī bǔ to pursue / to be after / to hunt down
 wǎn bèi the younger generation / those who come after
 ài fǔ to caress / to fondle / to look after (tenderly) / affectionate care
 zhí tōng chē "through train" (refers to the idea of retaining previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or Macao)
 pào niū to pick up girls / to play around with girls / to chase after girls
 fú shi to attend to / to care for (patients etc) / to look after / to wait upon / to serve / also written 伏侍, see also 服事[fu2 shi4]
 gāo cháo dié qǐ each new high point replaced by another / (of a movie etc) one climax after another
 bù shī wéi can still be considered (to be...) / may after all be accepted as
 hǎi guī sb who has come back to China after gaining overseas experience (a pun on 海龜|海龟[hai3 gui1]) / to return to China after a period of study or work overseas
 zhú gè one by one / one after another
 xuán jí soon after / shortly
 chǎn fù woman recuperating after childbirth / woman in childbirth
 kǎo rù to pass entrance exam / to enter college after a competitive exam
 shāng dìng to agree / to decide after consultation / to come to a compromise
 dōng shān zài qǐ lit. to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan (idiom) / fig. to make a comeback
 lún fān in turn / one after another
 zì wèn to ask oneself / to search one's soul / to reach a conclusion after weighing a matter
 jiē èr lián sān one after another (idiom) / in quick succession
 zhuǎn zhàn to fight in one place after another
 jì yú to covet / to long for / to lust after
 zhào ying to look after / to take care of / to attend to
 qiān xīn wàn kǔ to suffer untold hardships (idiom) / trials and tribulations / with difficulty / after some effort
 xīn yǒu yú jì to have lingering fears / trepidation remaining after a trauma (idiom)
 kān hù to nurse / to look after / to watch over / (old) hospital nurse
 kān guǎn to look after
 kān jiā to look after the house / (of skill, ability) special / outstanding
 kè yú after school / extracurricular
 zhào kàn to look after / to attend to / to have in care
 shè lì ashes after cremation / Buddhist relics (Sanskirt: sarira)
访 xún fǎng to inquire after / to look for (sb)
 shuì hòu after tax
 wěi shù remainder (after rounding a number) / decimal part (of number after the decimal point) / mantissa (i.e. fractional part of common logarithm in math.) / small change / balance (of an account)
 Mí lè Mile county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan / Maitreya, the future Bodhisattva, to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
 lìng cún to save (a file) after options (name, location, format etc) have been selected by the user
 shēn sī shú lu:4 mature reflection / after careful deliberations
 Xīn jūn New Armies (modernized Qing armies, trained and equipped according to Western standards, founded after Japan's victory in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895)
 fǎn pū to counterattack / to come back after a defeat / to retrieve lost ground
 lián rì day after day / for several days running
 jiě fàng hòu after liberation (i.e. after the Communist's victory) / after the establishment of PRC in 1949
 jiē zhǒng ér lái to come one after the other
 zǒng guī eventually / after all / anyhow
 cāo láo to work hard / to look after
怀 Péng Dé huái Peng Dehuai (1898-1974), top communist general, subsequently politician and politburo member, disgraced after attacking Mao's failed policies in 1959, and died after extensive persecution during the Cultural Revolution
 yǒu láo (polite) thank you for your trouble (used when asking a favor or after having received one)
 Dòu bàn cotyledon of a bean (i.e. either of the halves of a bean seed that can be split apart after removing the seed coat) / thick bean sauce (abbr. for 豆瓣醬|豆瓣酱[dou4 ban4 jiang4])
 děng yī huì Wait a moment! / after a while
 hòu pà lingering fear / fear after the event / post-traumatic stress
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