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 huā xīn fickle (in love affairs) / dissipated / unfaithful / heart of a flower (pistil and stamen)
 duō biàn fickle / multi-variate (math.)
 wú cháng variable / changeable / fickle / impermanence (Sanskrit: anitya) / ghost taking away the soul after death / to pass away / to die
 shàn biàn fickle / mercurial / changeable / capricious / to be apt to change
 fǎn fù wú cháng unstable / erratic / changeable / fickle
 bó qíng inconstant in love / fickle
 shuǐ xìng yáng huā fickle (woman)
 bó xìng fickle / inconstant person
 fú zào fickle and impatient / restless / giddy / scatterbrained
 làn qíng fickle in love / sentimentality
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