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 yǒu yì si interesting / meaningful / enjoyable / fun
 yǒu yì yì to make sense / to have meaning / to have significance / meaningful / significant / worthwhile / important / interesting
 yì wèi shēn cháng profound / significant / meaningful
 juàn yǒng meaningful / thought-provoking / significant
 juàn meaningful / significant
 yǎn shén expression or emotion showing in one's eyes / meaningful glance / wink / eyesight (dialect)
 nèi hán meaningful content / implication / connotation (semantics) / inner qualities (of a person)
 yǎn sè signal made with one's eyes / meaningful glance
 yǔ zhòng xīn cháng meaningful and heartfelt words (idiom) / sincere and earnest wishes
使 shǐ yǎn sè to give sb a meaningful look
 zuò yǎn sè to give sb a meaningful look
 yǎn fēng eye signal / meaningful glance
 dì yǎn sè to give sb a meaningful look
 juàn yǔ epigram / meaningful or significant speech
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