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 zhòng yào important / significant / major
 zhòng dà great / important / major / significant
 wěi dà huge / great / grand / worthy of the greatest admiration / important (contribution etc)
 yào important / vital / to want / to ask for / will / going to (as future auxiliary) / may / must / (used in a comparison) must be / probably / if
 yǒu yì yì to make sense / to have meaning / to have significance / meaningful / significant / worthwhile / important / interesting
 yào jǐn important / urgent
 chī jǐn in short supply / dire / tense / critical / hard-pressed / important
 dǎ jǐn important
 chī zhòng (of a role) arduous / important / (a vehicle's) loading capacity
 jīng huá best feature / most important part of an object / quintessence / essence / soul
 zhòng diǎn important point / main point / focus / key (project etc) / to focus on / to put the emphasis on
 zuì zhòng yào most important / key
 méi shì it's not important / it's nothing / never mind / to have nothing to do / to be free / to be all right (out of danger or trouble)
 fēi cháng zhòng yào very important
 shì jì deed / past achievement / important event of the past
 shǒu yào the most important / of chief importance
 kàn zhòng to regard as important / to care about
 dà jiāng jūn important general / generalissimo
 yào wén important news story / headline
 mò dà greatest / most important
 zhòng yòng to put in an important position
 yào rén important person
 Zhōu gōng Duke of Zhou (11th c. BC), son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王[Zhou1 Wen2 wang2], played an important role as regent in founding the Western Zhou 西周[Xi1 Zhou1], and is also known as the "God of Dreams"
 yào jiàn key document / important condition / criterion / requirement / requisite / cornerstone
 fēi tóng xiǎo kě extremely important / no small matter
 yào wù key task / important affair
 gāo jū to stand above / to occupy an important position / to rank (among the top few)
 yào shì important matter
 zhòng tóu xì opera rich in singing and dancing / the most important part or highlight (of a project, plan etc)
 shì cóng to serve (an important personage) / attendant / retainer
 Chǔ guó the state of Chu, one of the most important of the small states contending for power in China between 770 and 223 BC, located around present-day Hubei
 zhòng dì important place / strategic location
 bǎo jià (in former times) to escort the emperor (or other important personage) / (nowadays) to escort sb (usually jocular)
 méi shì r to have spare time / free from work / it's not important / it's nothing / never mind
 zhèng yào important political leader / government dignitary
 rěn rǔ fù zhòng to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom) / to suffer in silence
 zhǔ cì the important and the less important / primary and secondary
 zhòng chén important minister / major figure in government
 bì zhòng jiù qīng to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial / to keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones
 Hè Lóng He Long (1896-1969), important communist military leader, died from persecution during the Cultural Revolution
 shè rén ancient office title / rich and important person
 qīng zhòng huǎn jí slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom) / to deal with important matters first / sense of priority
 Zhī tián Xìn cháng ODA Nobunaga (1534-1582), Japanese shogun (warlord), played an important role in unifying Japan
 dǐng dǐng great / very important
 huì mò rú shēn important matter that must be kept secret (idiom) / don't breathe a word of it to anyone!
 xiǎn yào prominent / eminent / important person / notable / dignitary
 Bái dì chéng Baidi town in Chongqing 重慶|重庆, north of the Changjiang, an important tourist attraction
 jì jiǔ to offer a libation / person who performs the libation before a banquet / senior member of a profession / important government post in imperial China
 chí zhòng prudent / cautious / to be in charge of ritual ceremonies / to hold an important office
 jì to calculate / to compute / to count / to regard as important / to plan / ruse / meter / gauge
 zhòng diǎn important classic text / cruel torture / severe punishment
 Róng Yì rén Rong Yiren (1916-2005), PRC Vice President from 1993-1998, played an important role in opening Chinese economy to Western investors
 Bái Chóng xǐ Bai Chongxi (1893-1966), a leader of Guangxi warlord faction, top Nationalist general, played important role in Chiang Kaishek's campaigns 1926-1949
 cóng lu:è to omit (less important details etc)
 yào tú main plan / important program
 sàng to lose sth abstract but important (courage, authority, one's life etc) / to be bereaved of (one's spouse etc) / to die / disappointed / discouraged
 bù zhī qīng zhòng lit. not knowing what's important (idiom) / no appreciation of the gravity of things / naive / doesn't know who's who / no sense of priorities
 wǔ guǐ nào pàn Five ghosts mock the judge, or Five ghosts resist judgment (title of folk opera, idiom) / important personage mobbed by a crowd of ne'er-do-wells
 dà tí xiǎo zuò to cut a long story short / a brief treatment of a complicated subject / fig. to treat an important question as a minor matter
 huǎn jí qīng zhòng slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom) / to deal with important matters first / sense of priority / also written 輕重緩急|轻重缓急
 yǒu yǎn bù shí Tài Shān lit. to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai (idiom) / fig. to fail to recognize sb important or sb's great talent / to be blind to the fact
 zhì guān zhòng yào extremely important / vital / crucial / essential
 jǐn yào guān tóu urgent and important moment (idiom) / critical juncture
 yào zhí key job / important position
 míng chén important official or statesman (in feudal China)
 yào lù important road / main thoroughfare / fig. key position
 zhòng yào de shì It is important (that) ... / The (important) point is ...
 zhòng yào wèn tí an important issue
 Lán kè Rank (name) / Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886), important German historian
 Wū lán fū Ulanhu (1906-1988), Soviet trained Mongolian communist who became important PRC military leader
 bù dāng jǐn not important / of no consequence
 shì wù de běn zhì chóng yú wài zài essence is more important than external appearance / a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
 rèn shì appointment to an important post
 qiè yào essential / extremely important
 Guó jiā Zhòng diǎn Xué kē National Key Disciplines (disciplines recognized as important and supported by PRC central government, including medicine, science, chemistry, engineering, commerce and law)
 Gū bá Amédée Courbet (1826-1885), a French admiral who won a series of important land and naval victories during the Tonkin campaign and the Sino-French War
 xìng mìng yōu guān vitally important / a matter of life and death
 yào jìng important path
 yào shū important traffic hub / key crossroad
 yào mù important substance (of a document) / key section
 zhòng dà gòng xiàn important contribution / major role
 jīn guì shí shì safe places for storing important articles
 shǒu yào rèn wu most important task
鸿 hóng tú dà jì important large scale project
 Wǔ Jīng Zǒng Yào "Collection of the Most Important Military Techniques", book published in 1044 during the Northern Song Dynasty
  Globally Important Ingenious Agricultural Heritage Systems
  radiatively important gas
  Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment Systems
 kōng xīn dà lǎo guān fake important personage / sham
 xuān miǎn chariot and crown (symbols of important persons) / fig. royals and dignitaries
 bǎi shàn xiào wéi xiān of all virtues filial piety is most important (idiom)
 kǎn tóu bù guò fēng chuī mào to regard decapitation as no more important than the wind blowing off your hat (idiom)
 dà jié major festival / important matter / major principle / high moral character
 zhǐ diǎn jiāng shān to talk idly about important matters (idiom) / to set the world to rights / to pass judgment on everything
 dāng zhóu person in power / important official
 yào zhèng important governmental or administrative matter
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