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 zūn zhòng to esteem / to respect / to honor / to value / eminent / serious / proper
 wén míng well-known / famous / renowned / eminent
 zhuó zhù outstanding / eminent / brilliant
 zhuó rán outstanding / eminent
 xiǎn yào prominent / eminent / important person / notable / dignitary
 dá to attain / to reach / to amount to / to communicate / eminent
 wěi eminent / lofty
 luò brindled ox / clear / eminent
 sào high / imposing / eminent
 bǐng zhù eminent / renowned
 gāo wèi high position / eminent status / top job / raised position / upper (limbs) / a high (i.e. local maximum) / high point on scale, high grade, temperature, latitude etc
 gāo bù kě pān too high to reach (idiom) / eminent and unapproachable
 wén háo literary giant / great writer / eminent writer
 guì rén duō wàng an eminent person has short memory (idiom)
 luán xiáng fèng jí lit. firebird and phoenix come together (idiom) / fig. a gathering of eminent people
  Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations-Civil Society Relations / Cardoso Panel on UN Relations with Civil Society
 zhī míng fù rǔ zhī yuán xiǎo zǔ Support Group of Eminent Women
 yīng lián bāng nán bù fēi zhōu wèn tí zhī míng rén shì xiǎo zǔ Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group on Southern Africa / Commonwealth Group of Eminent Persons
  Panel of Eminent Personalities on the Relationship between Disarmament and Development
 guó jì zhī míng rén shì xiǎo zǔ Panel of Eminent International Personalities
  International Standing Advisory Round-table of Eminent Experts
  Eminent Persons Group on Trade and Sustainable Development
 fēi zhōu míng rén xiǎo zǔ Panel of Eminent Africans
  Meeting of Eminent Persons on Commodity Issues
  Eminent Persons Group on Curbing Illicit Trafficking in Small Arms and Light Weapons / Eminent Persons Group
  Eminent Persons Meeting on Financing Global Environment and Development
  International Advisory Group of Eminent Persons
  International Committee of Eminent Persons
  Panel of Eminent Personalities in the Field of Disarmament and Development
  Meeting of Eminent Persons in Population and Development
  Group of Eminent Persons on Intergovernmental Structure Subsidiary to the Commission
绿  Meeting of Eminent Persons on Greening the Development Process
  Independent Eminent Experts Group
 Bā Dà Yuán lǎo "the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, namely 鄧小平|邓小平[Deng4 Xiao3 ping2], 陳雲|陈云[Chen2 Yun2], 李先念[Li3 Xian1 nian4], 彭真[Peng2 Zhen1], 楊尚昆|杨尚昆[Yang2 Shang4 kun1], 薄一波[Bo2 Yi1 bo1], 王震[Wang2 Zhen4], and 宋任窮|宋任穷[Song4 Ren4 qiong2] / abbr. to 八老[Ba1 lao3]
 Bā lǎo "the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, abbr. for 八大元老[Ba1 Da4 Yuan2 lao3]
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