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 zuǒ yòu left and right / nearby / approximately / attendant / to control / to influence
 fú wù yuán waiter / waitress / attendant / customer service personnel / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
 shì zhě attendant / waiter
 suí cóng to accompany / to follow / to attend / entourage / attendant
 shì cóng to serve (an important personage) / attendant / retainer
 gēn bān attendant / footman (servant)
 zhí shì to perform one's job / attendant / job / duties / (respectful appellation for the addressee) you / your Excellency / (Church) deacon
 péi shì to wait upon (older people) / to accompany / attendant
 suí yuán attendant
 táng guān (old) waiter / attendant
 chū xí zhě attendant
 gēn cóng to follow / (of a woman) to get married / (old) attendant
 cóng zhě follower / attendant
 gēn chāi attendant
 pú ōu (old) waiter (loanword from "boy") / attendant
 diàn xiǎo èr (old) (in a tavern or inn etc) waiter / attendant
 xiǎo mèi little sister / girl / (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)
 kōng jiě abbr. for 空中小姐 / stewardess / air hostess / female flight attendant
 chéng wù yuán attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc
 liè chē yuán train attendant
 kōng chéng flight attendant / on-board service
 bīn xiàng attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding
 jiā yóu gōng gas station attendant
 Bāo Dài zhì Bao Daizhi, "Edict Attendant Bao", fictional name used for Bao Zheng 包拯[Bao1 Zheng3] (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty
 nu:3 chéng wù yuán stewardess / female flight attendant
 nán fú wù yuán steward / male clerk / male flight attendant
 tuō r suǒ gōng zuò rén yuán day-care attendant
 bàn gōng shì fù wù yuán Office Attendant
 zhù chǎn rén yuán birth attendant
 bì shì attendant to the emperor / wise counselor
 kōng fú yuán flight attendant / cabin crew
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