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 huǐ hèn remorse / repentance
 chàn huǐ to confess / to repent / remorse / repentance / penitent / confession (Buddhism)
 chén tòng grief / remorse / deep in sorrow / bitter (anguish) / profound (condolences)
 zhuī huǐ to repent / remorse
 huǐ yì remorse
 jiù chronic disease / guilt / remorse
 ào huǐ to feel remorse / to repent / to regret
 zì yuàn zì yì to be full of remorse / to repent and redress one's errors
 chàn feel remorse / regret / repent
 huǐ hèn jiāo jiā to feel remorse and shame (idiom)
 shī huǐ to regret / to feel remorse
 kuì hèn ashamed and sorry / suffering shame and remorse
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