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 jīng shen vigor / vitality / drive / spiritual
 shēng yì life force / vitality
 shēng qì to get angry / to take offense / angry / vitality / liveliness
 huó lì energy / vitality / vigor / vital force
 shēng jī opportunity to live / to reprieve from death / life force / vitality
 shēng mìng lì vitality
 yuán qì strength / vigor / vitality / (TCM) vital energy
 zhāo qì vitality / dynamism
 jīng essence / extract / vitality / energy / semen / sperm / mythical goblin spirit / highly perfected / elite / the pick of sth / proficient (refined ability) / extremely (fine) / selected rice (archaic)
 péng bó vigorous / flourishing / full of vitality
 bù zhèn lacking in vitality / depressed (market, spirits etc)
 shēng jī bó bó full of vitality
 shēng qì bó bó full of vitality
 jīng shén bǎi bèi lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom) / refreshed / one's vigor thoroughly restored
 lóng mǎ jīng shén old but still full of vitality (idiom)
 sàng jìn to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)
 wú jīng dǎ cǎi dull and colorless (idiom) / lacking vitality / not lively
 jīng shén yì yì in great spirits / to have great vitality
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