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 jī lì to encourage / to urge / motivation / incentive
 yòu yīn cause / triggering factor / incentive / inducement
 jiǎng chóu incentive / reward
 jī lì jī zhì incentive mechanism / motivation method
 jiǎng lì lu:3 xíng incentive travel
 fǎn lì dealer incentive / sales bonus / rebate
 jiǎng lì lu:3 yóu incentive travel
 shì chǎng cì jī market-based incentive
  Difficult-to-Staff Incentive Differential
  incentive gap
使 hé lǐ shǐ yòng néng yuán jiǎng lì zhì duó Incentive System for the Rational Use of Energy System of Incentives for the Rational Use of Energy on a Regional Basis
  Forest Retention Incentive Scheme
 jīng jì jī lì economic incentive
  Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events
 bù jiàn tù zi bù sā yīng you don't release the hawk until you've seen the hare (idiom) / one doesn't act without some incentive
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