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 jiǎng lì to reward / reward (as encouragement)
 shōu huò to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
 bào chou reward / remuneration
 jiǎng shǎng reward / prize / award
 xīn chóu pay / remuneration / salary / reward
 chóu láo reward
 shǎng cì to bestow / to confer (a reward for service) / a reward
 kào shǎng reward / to reward
 chóu bào to repay / to reward
 shǎng to bestow (a reward) / to give (to an inferior) / to hand down / a reward (bestowed by a superior) / to appreciate (beauty)
 yí to promote / to reward
 chóu cháng reward
 chóu shǎng reward
 lái to confer / to bestow on an inferior / to reward
 jiǎng chóu incentive / reward
 dǎ shǎng to reward / to tip / to give a gratuity
 xuán shǎng to offer a reward / bounty
 tǎo hǎo to get the desired outcome / to win favor by fawning on sb / to curry favor with / a fruitful outcome to reward one's labor
 xǔ yuàn to make a wish / to make a vow / to promise a reward
 chóu jīn monetary reward / remuneration
 fǎn diǎn sales bonus / affiliate reward / rebate / commission
 míng lì shuāng shōu both fame and fortune (idiom) / both virtue and reward
 kào láo to reward with food and drink / to feast (sb) / presents of food etc made to troops / Taiwan pr. [kao4 lao4]
 fú bào karmic reward (Buddhism)
 shǎng fá reward and punishment
 shǎng qian tip / gratuity / monetary reward / bonus
 jìn yì wù to fulfill one's duty / to work without asking for reward
 kào to reward or comfort with presents of food, drink etc
 kāi guó gōng chén outstanding founding minister (title given to reward loyal general or vassal of new dynasty or state)
 bù qiú shōu huò not expecting any reward / not asking for favors
 hòu bào generous reward
 shàn yǒu shàn bào , è yǒu è bào virtue has its reward, evil its retribution
 shàn yǒu shàn bào , è yǒu è bào , ruò rán bù bào shí chén wèi dào Good has its reward and evil has its recompense. The payback is just a matter of time
 xuán shǎng lìng an order to post a reward (for the capture of a criminal)
 wú gōng bù shòu lù Don't get a reward if it's not deserved. (idiom)
 jiǎng yì to reward and promote
 jiǎng yè to reward and promote
 chán tóu embroidered headband used as decoration by actors or in Hui ethnic group / to reward an actor with brocade headband
 bó chóu small reward (for work) / meager remuneration
 zhuī gòu a bounty / a reward for capturing an outlaw
 zhòng fá bù yòng do not punish severely (and do not reward too generously)
 bān shǎng to bestow a prize or reward / an award
 gǒu yǎo Lu:3 Dòng bīn , bù shí hǎo rén xīn a dog biting Lü / Dongbin (idiom) / to ill reward a person's kindness
 áo tou r (coll.) the reward of one's efforts / the light at the end of the tunnel
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