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 chéng guǒ result / achievement / gain / profit / CL:個|个[ge4]
 hǎo chu benefit / advantage / gain / profit / also pr. [hao3 chu4] / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shōu yì earnings / profit
 shōu huò to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
 yíng lì profit / gain
 chū xi future prospects / profit / to mature / to grow up
 yíng to beat / to win / to profit
 shòu yì to benefit from / profit
 huò lì profit / to obtain benefits / benefits obtained
 yíng lì gain / profit / to make a profit
 yíng yú surplus / profit
 yóu shuǐ grease / profit / ill-gotten gains
 bì yì benefit / advantage / profit / to be a benefit to
 lì sharp / favorable / advantage / benefit / profit / interest / to do good to / to benefit
 zhuàn tou profit (colloquial)
 yì benefit / profit / advantage / beneficial / to increase / to add / all the more
 lì dé profit / gain
 jī xiàn surplus / profit
 zhí lì to generate a profit / profit / yield
 jìng lì rùn net profit
 zhuàn qǔ to make a profit / to earn a packet
 lì rùn lu:4 profit margin
 míng lì fame and profit
 móu lì to gain profit (by underhand means) / to exploit / exploitation
 sǔn yì profit and loss / increase and decrease
 huò yì to profit from sth / to get benefit
 fēng dǐng to put a roof (on a building) / to cap the roof (finishing a building project) / fig. to put a ceiling (on spending, prize, ambition etc) / to top off / fig. to reach the highest point (of growth, profit, interest rates) / to stop growing (of plant bud or branch)
 chū xī to yield interest, profit etc / to exhale (Buddhism)
 máo lì gross profit
 yíng kuī profit and loss / waxing and waning
 rè qián hot money, money flowing from one currency to another in the hope of quick profit
 dǎo mài to resell at a profit / to speculate
 yíng lì for profit / to seek profit
 duàn sòng to forfeit (future profit, one's life etc) / ruined
 móu qǔ to gain profit (by underhand means) / to exploit / see also 謀取|谋取[mou2 qu3]
 lì jǐ personal profit / to benefit oneself
广 jí sī guǎng yì collecting opinions is of wide benefit (idiom) / to pool wisdom for mutual benefit / to profit from widespread suggestions
 fēi yíng lì non-profit / not for profit
 hèng cái easy money / windfall / ill-gotten gains / undeserved fortune / illegal profit
 wú lì no profit / not profitable / a hindrance / (to lend money) at no interest
 zì sī zì lì everything for self and selfish profit (idiom) / with no regard for others / selfish / mercenary
 chún lì net profit
 bó lì duō xiāo small profit but rapid turnover
 chèn huǒ dǎ jié to loot a burning house / to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)
 jìng lì net profit
 zì fù yíng kuī responsible for its profit and losses (of organization) / financially autonomous / personal financial responsibility
 jìng shōu rù net income / net profit
 jiàn lì wàng yì to see profit and forget morality (idiom) / to act from mercenary considerations / to sell one's soul for gain
 móu lì to make a profit / to gain / to get an advantage
 sǔn yì biǎo income statement (US) / profit and loss account (UK)
 wéi lì shì tú to seek nothing but profit (idiom) / personal profit before everything / self-seeking
 zhēng quán duó lì scramble for power and profit (idiom) / power struggle
 dà jí dà lì great luck, great profit (idiom) / everything is thriving
 lāo qǔ to fish for / to seek profit (by improper means)
 yī tuō hospital scalper / sb who for a profit entices others to obtain medical care
 lì shì business profit / auspicious / lucky / small sum of money offered on festive days
 chuàng lì to make a profit
 lián běn dài lì both principal and interest / capital plus profit
 bào lì shuì windfall profit tax
 pān qīn to seek to profit by family ties
 dǎo to fall / to collapse / to lie horizontally / to overthrow / to fail / to go bankrupt / to change (trains or buses) / to move around / to resell at a profit
 sǔn gōng féi sī to damage the public interest for personal profit (idiom) / personal profit at public expense / venal and selfish behavior
 dǎo mǎi dǎo mài to buy and sell at a profit / to speculate
 zhuàn to earn / to make a profit
 yíng old variant of 贏|赢[ying2], to win, to profit / old variant of 盈[ying2], full
 yī běn wàn lì small capital, huge profit (idiom) / to put in a little and get a lot out
 yīn huò dé fú to profit from a disaster (idiom) / some good comes out of a setback / It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.
 yù yì fǎn sǔn wishing for profit, but causing loss (idiom) / good intentions that lead to disaster / It all ends in tears.
 jiàn lì sī yì to see profit and remember morality (idiom) / to act ethically / not tempted by riches
 jiàn qián yǎn kāi to open one's eyes wide at the sight of profit (idiom) / thinking of nothing but personal gain / money-grubbing
 wéi lì fù míng to renounce profit and seek fame (idiom) / to abandon greed for reputation / to choose fame over fortune
 shàn zì wéi móu to be good at working for one's own profit (idiom)
 zhēng míng duó lì to fight for fame, grab profit (idiom) / scrambling for fame and wealth / only interested in personal gain
 máo shōu rù gross income / gross profit
 lāo yóu shuǐ (coll.) to gain profit (usu. by underhand means)
 duì běn (a return) equal to the capital / 100 percent profit
 chāo é lì rùn superprofit / excess profit
 yíng yú surplus / profit
 lì dé shuì profit tax
 dǎo nong to move (things around) / to buy and sell at a profit (derog.)
 lì yì shū sòng to make use of one's position to gain profit for oneself or one's associates
 shí lì advantage / gain / net profit
 dǎo mài to resell at a profit
 lāo dào cǎo to fish for a straw / futile attempt to gain profit
 mǎn zhāo sǔn , qiān shòu yì (idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit / pride comes before a fall
 yíng kuī zì fù responsible for its profit and losses (of organization) / financially autonomous / personal financial responsibility
 chún lì yì net profit
 zǒng huí bào total return / aggregate profit
 zǒng shōu yì total profit / aggregate return
 cái lì wealth and profit / riches
 fǎn quàn huáng niú "shopping coupon scalper", sb who sells unwanted or returned shopping coupons to others for a profit
 zhòng lì high interest / huge profit / to value money highly
 fēng xiǎn yǔ shōu yì de guān xì relation between venture and profit / risk-return relation
 yíng lì jǐng xùn profit warning
 lì rùn yù jǐng profit warning
 běn lì principal and interest / capital and profit
 féi yáng (fig.) attractive and easy mark / source of steady profit / moneymaker / cash cow
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