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 shōu huò to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
 cǎi jí to gather / to collect / to harvest
 nián grain / harvest (old) / variant of 年[nian2]
 shōu gē to harvest / to reap / to gather in crops
 shōu chéng harvest
 huò to reap / to harvest
 huó zhāi to harvest (an organ) from a living person
 nián tóu start of the year / whole year / a particular year / period / days / epoch / a year's harvest
 fēng shōu bumper harvest
 fēng nián prosperous year / year with bumper harvest
 qiū shōu fall harvest / to reap
 wǔ gǔ fēng dēng abundant harvest of all food crops / bumper grain harvest
 qiū jǐng autumn scenery / harvest season
 qiàn shōu crop failure / poor harvest
 fēng dēng plentiful harvest / bumper crop
 sè gather in harvest
 Qiū shōu qǐ yì Autumn Harvest Uprising (1927), insurrection in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces led by Mao Zedong
 Nà dá mù Nadam or Games, Mongolian national harvest festival in July-August
 nián grain / harvest (old) / variant of 年[nian2]
 gū chǎn to assess / to estimate (value of property, yield of harvest etc)
 è suì lean year / year of bad harvest
 shōu dōng harvest season / autumn
 shōu huò jié harvest festival
 shōu cí to collect words / to harvest entries for a dictionary
 chūn shēng , xià zhǎng , qiū shōu , dōng cáng sow in spring, develop in summer, harvest in autumn, store in winter (idiom)
 qiū hòu suàn zhàng lit. settling accounts after the autumn harvest (idiom) / to wait until the time is ripe to settle accounts / to bide time for revenge
 gǔ shén harvest God
 kāi lián to start the harvest
 lóng kǒu duó shí to harvest hurriedly before rain comes
 nián cheng the year's harvest
 zǎo qī shōu huò early harvest
  God's Harvest Foundation
  Future Harvest Center
  Future Harvest
  harvest of forest trees
 guà lián to complete the year's harvest
 dào cǎi to mine (or harvest, log, trap animals etc) illegally / illegal mining (or logging etc)
 kē lì wú shōu not a single grain was reaped (as in a bad harvest year)
 mài qiū harvest season
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