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 shōu huò to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
 zuò wù crop
 zào to make / to build / to manufacture / to invent / to fabricate / to go to / party (in a lawsuit or legal agreement) / crop / classifier for crops
 jià to sow grain / (farm) crop
 sù crop (of bird)
 sù náng crop (anatomy of birds, gastropods etc)
 cái qiē to crop / to trim
 zhuāng jia farm crop / CL:種|种[zhong3]
 jiǎn chǎn to lose output / a drop in crop yield / reduction in production
 Shàng shuǐ upper reaches (of a river) / to go upstream / to add some water / to water (a crop etc)
 fēng chǎn high yield / bumper crop
 jī huāng crop failure / famine / debt / difficulty
 jīng jì zuò wù cash crop (economics)
 jiān zi best of its kind / cream of the crop
 qīng huáng bù jiē lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom) / the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop / temporary deficit in manpower or resources / unable to make ends meet
 shì zhòng test planting / crop grown on a trial basis
 bǎi lǐ tiāo yī one in a hundred / cream of the crop
 zhuāng jia dì crop land / arable land
 qiū bō sowing in autumn (for a crop in spring)
 máo zéi insect that damages cereal crop seedlings / (lit. and fig.) vermin / a person harmful to the country and the people
 mào tóu to emerge / to crop up / a little more than
 hàn lào bǎo shōu to provide a stable crop, regardless of drought or flood / to bring a stable income
 bǎo miáo to protect young plants, ensuring that enough survive to produce a good crop
 qiàn shōu crop failure / poor harvest
 yóu liào zuò wù oil crop (rape, peanut, soy, sesame etc) / oil-bearing crop
 fēng dēng plentiful harvest / bumper crop
 suì classifier for years (of age) / year / year (of crop harvests)
 jì season / the last month of a season / fourth or youngest amongst brothers / classifier for seasonal crop yields
 pèn (of a smell) strong / peak season (of a crop) / (classifier for the ordinal number of a crop, in the context of multiple harvests)
 chá stubble land after crop has been taken / a second crop obtained by rotation of land / an opportunity
 jǐn time of famine or crop failure
 zhí early-planted crop
 dài tián zuò wù field crop
 zhǎng shì how well a crop (or plant) is growing / growth
 bìng chóng wēi hài insect or disease damage to crop
 bǎi gǔ all the grains / every kind of cereal crop
 kē xué zhòng tián scientific crop planting / scientific farming
 jué chǎn crop failure / property left with no-one to inherit / sterilization
 chá dì stubble land after crop has been taken
 nóng zuò wù pǐn zhǒng (farm) crop variety (or breed)
 mài tián guài quān crop circle
  specialized crop species
 néng yuán zuò wù energy crop
 nài qì hòu zuò wù climate-resistant crop
  crop year price
  crop production technology
 zuò wù tì dài crop replacement
  Satellite Crop Monitoring Project
  Illicit Crop Monitoring Programme
  global crop production
 shāng pǐn zuò wù cash crop / commercial crop / market crop
  European Crop Protection Association
  local indigenous crop
  non-food crop
 zuò wù qiàn shōu crop failure
 tì dài zuò wù alternative crop
  crop coefficient
  Crop and Food Assessment Mission to Iraq
 má zuì pǐn zuò wù narcotic crop
 zhǔ fá mù crop tree
 zhǔ lín mù crop tree
 fù gài zuò wù cover crop
  American Crop Protection Association
  food crop production
 lún zhí crop rotation
 lún gēng crop rotation
 zuò wù chǎn chú crop eradication
 zuò wù sǔn hài crop damage
 quán qiú zuò wù duō yàng xìng xìn tuō jī jīn Global Crop Diversity Trust
  neglected crop
 yòu chóng zuò wù trap crop
  specialty crop
  genetically engineered crop / GE crop / genetically modified crop / GM crop
 gū shēng zuò wù orphan crop
  staple crop
  Crop Replacement and Community Development Project
 fēi fǎ zuò wù illicit crop
  Food and Crop Supply Assessment Mission
  Crop Moisture Index
 jì jié xìng dài tián zuò wù seasonal field crop
  exhausting crop
  crop yield
 zuò wù shēng tài xué crop ecology
  crop monitoring
 zuò wù lèi xíng crop pattern
 guó jì zuò wù xìn xī xì tǒng International Crop Information System
  Regional Evaluation Seminar on Satellite Crop Monitoring
  Global Crop Protection Federation
  root crop
 gēn yòng zuò wù root crop
 zuò wù shēng chǎn crop production
  mutant crop variety
 dú pǐn zuò wù drug crop
使  Symposium on Integrated Crop Protection and Rational Use of Pesticides in Agriculture
 rán liào zuò wù fuel crop
 shēng wù rán liào zuò wù fuel crop
  crop biotechnology
 kāng bài yīn zuò wù combinable crop
 zuò wù nián duó crop year
  Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission
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