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 yǒu qù interesting / fascinating / amusing
 dòu to stay / to stop / to tease (play with) / amusing / short pause in reading aloud, equivalent to comma (also written 讀|读[dou4])
 hǎo wán amusing / fun / interesting
 kě lè amusing / entertaining / (loanword) cola
 huá jī comical / funny / amusing / old pr. [gu3 ji1] / huaji, a form of comedy performance popular in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang
 xué tóu amusing speech or act / jokes / antics / funny / amusing / Taiwan pr. [xue1 tou2]
 dòu xiào to amuse / to cause to smile / amusing
 dòu rén amusing / funny / entertaining
 xié qù humor / amusing
 miào qù witty / clever / amusing
 hǎo wán r interesting / delightful / amusing
 gén funny / amusing / sth comical
 xì shuō dramatic form consisting of historical narration / history as jocular narrative / to stretch history for a joking story / amusing story with strained interpretations of history / to make an unreasonable comparison in jest
 kāi xīn guǒ pistachio nuts / fig. amusing person
 gěng branch / stem / stalk / CL:根[gen1] / to block / to hinder / (Tw) interesting, fresh, or amusing subject matter or scenario
 dòu bī (slang) silly but amusing person
 dòu bī (slang) silly but amusing person
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