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 hōng dòng to cause a sensation / to create a stir in (a place) / commotion / controversy
 dòng dàng unrest (social or political) / turmoil / upheaval / commotion
 zào dòng to stir restlessly / to be agitated / commotion / agitation
 hòng tumult / uproar / commotion / disturbance
 dòng dàng commotion
 fēng bào storm / violent commotion / fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc)
 sāo rǎo to disturb / to cause a commotion / to harass
 jī quǎn bù níng lit. not even the chickens and dogs are left undisturbed (idiom) / fig. great commotion / pandemonium
 mín biàn mass uprising / popular revolt / civil commotion
 huá rán variant of 嘩然|哗然, in uproar / commotion / causing a storm of protest / tumultuous
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