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 shì jiàn event / happening / incident / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gù happening / instance / reason / cause / intentional / former / old / friend / therefore / hence / (of people) to die, dead
 shí kuàng live (e.g. broadcast or recording) / what is actually happening / scene / the real situation
 tū rú qí lái to arise abruptly / to arrive suddenly / happening suddenly
 cái a moment ago / just now / (indicating sth happening later than expected) / (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until / (followed by a numerical clause) only
 chéng qián bì hòu lit. to punish those before to prevent those after (idiom) / to criticize former mistakes firmly to prevent them happening again
 biàn shēng zhǒu yè lit. calamity in one's armpit (idiom) / a major coup happening on one's doorstep / trouble or danger in one's own backyard
 méi yǒu shì not a bit / nothing is up / nothing alarming is happening
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