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 jiǎn chēng to be abbreviated to / abbreviation / short form
 suō xiě abbreviation / to abridge
 suō lu:è to contract / to abbreviate / abbreviation
 yuē yán promise / one's word / pledge / abbreviation
 lu:è chēng abbreviation
 suō to withdraw / to pull back / to contract / to shrink / to reduce / abbreviation / also pr. [su4]
 lu:è yǔ abbreviation
 shěng chēng abbreviation
 jié lu:è abbreviation
 jiǎn suō abbreviation / short form
 suō yuē contraction (in grammar) / abbreviation
 wén hào document identifier code (typically including an abbreviation for the name of the issuing organization, the date and a serial number)
 fù xiǎo subsidiary primary school (originally attached to an institute, university etc) / abbreviation of 附屬小學|附属小学
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