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 yàn shōu to inspect and accept / acceptance
 tuī dòng to push (for acceptance of a plan) / to push forward / to promote / to actuate / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yě bà (reduplicated) whether... or... / never mind / fine (indicating acceptance or resignation)
 qiān shōu to sign for the acceptance of sth (e.g. a delivery etc)
 lù qǔ lu:4 acceptance rate / admission rate
 yàn shōu cè shì acceptance test
  acceptance of a treaty
 gōng chǎng yàn shōu acceptance of a plant
  Decision on the Mutual Acceptance of Data in the Assessment of Chemicals
 jiāo shōu biāo zhǔn acceptance criteria
  Project Acceptance Committee
  acceptable quality level / acceptance quality limit
  Symposium on Coal-Fired Power Generation, the Environment and Public Acceptance
 shòu jiǎng zhì cí acceptance speech
  acceptance speech
  Acceptance and Accession Agreement
  bankers' acceptance
 tí shì chéng duì to present (a draft) for acceptance (commerce)
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