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 lì zú yǐ zuò afford / able to
 wèi chéng to afford (a magnificent view etc) / to become (a prevailing fashion etc)
 rě bu qǐ can't afford to offend / dare not provoke / difficult to deal with / insufferable
 chī de xiāo to be able to endure (exertion, fatigue etc) / to be able to afford
 wèi wéi dà guān to afford a magnificent sight (idiom) / enchanting
 mǎi bu qǐ cannot afford / can't afford buying
 fù dān bu qǐ cannot afford / cannot bear the burden
 shū bù qǐ to take defeat with bad grace / to be a sore loser / cannot afford to lose
 liú shǒu ér tóng "left-behind children", rural children whose parents have to make a living as migrant workers in distant urban areas, but cannot afford to keep the family with them
 wú ké wō niú fig. people who cannot afford to buy their own house
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