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 yuǎn dà far-reaching / broad / ambitious / promising
 yǒu zhì qì ambitious
 qǐ tú xīn ambition / ambitious
 xióng xīn bó bó aggressive and grand (idiom) / ambitious / pushy
 yǒu xióng xīn ambitious
 shàng jìn to make progress / to do better / fig. ambitious to improve oneself / to move forwards
 yǒu zhì to be ambitious
 xiāo xióng ambitious and ruthless character / formidable person
 cháng fēng pò làng lit. to ride the wind and crest the waves / to be ambitious and unafraid (idiom)
 kōng fù gāo xīn ambitious despite a lack of talent (idiom)
 qióng dāng yì jiān poor but ambitious (idiom) / hard-pressed but determined / the worse one's position, the harder one must fight back
 zhēng qiáng hào shèng competitive / ambitious and aggressive / to desire to beat others
 jù yíng yìng xuě lit. to collect fireflies and study by their light (idiom) / fig. ambitious student from impoverished background / burning the midnight oil
 chǔ gāo wù yuǎn to be overly ambitious (idiom)
 yuǎn móu a long-term plan / an ambitious strategy
 xióng zhǎng fierce and ambitious character / formidable person
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