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 huǒ fire / urgent / ammunition / fiery or flaming / internal heat (Chinese medicine) / hot (popular) / classifier for military units (old) / Kangxi radical 86
 dàn yào ammunition
 jūn huǒ weapons and ammunition / munitions / arms
 shí dàn live ammunition
 dàn jiā ammunition clip / cartridge clip / magazine (for ammunition)
 dàn ké ammunition case
穿  armour-piercing ammunition / AP ammunition
 dàn yào kù ammunition dump
 yè guāng dàn tracer ammunition / tracer
 dàn jìn liáng jué out of ammunition and no food left (idiom) / in desperate straits
 dàn jìn yuán jué out of ammunition and no hope of reinforcements (idiom) / in desperate straits
 huà xué dàn yào chemical ammunition
 shēng wù dàn yào biological ammunition
 dàn yào bǔ jǐ zhàn ammunition depot
  Ammunition Compatibility Groups / Compatibility Groups
  ammunition supply rate
  Ammunition Hazard Divisions / Hazard Divisions
穿  armour-piercing incendiary ammunition / API ammunition
  Convention on Supervision of International Trade in Arms and Ammunition and in Implements of War
  Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute
  ammunition and explosives
  nuclear ammunition
 jūn huǒ chuán ammunition ship
  Central African Convention for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons, Their Ammunition and All Parts and Components That Can Be Used for Their Manufacture, Repair and Assembly / Kinshasa Convention
  round of ammunition / round
  Conference on Supervision of International Trade in Arms and Ammunition and in Implements of War
  white phosphorus incendiary ammunition
  smoke ammunition
  initial issue of ammunition / first-line scale of ammunition / ammunition initial issue
  small arms ammunition
  drill munition / practice ammunition
  day of ammunition
  ammunition storage area
  Group of experts on the problem of ammunition and explosives
  ammunition booster / booster
  operational ammunition
  ammunition supply point
  ammunition marking
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