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 xìn yì at will / arbitrarily / just as one feels like
 rèn xuǎn to choose arbitrarily / to take whichever one fancies
 hú lái to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules / to mess with sth / to make a hash of things / to cause trouble
 zhuān duàn to act arbitrarily / to make decisions without consulting others
 yī kǒu yǎo dìng to arbitrarily assert / to allege / to stick to one's statement / to cling to one's view
 wēi fú zì jǐ to exercise power arbitrarily (idiom)
 zì zhuān to act arbitrarily / to act for oneself
N久 N jiǔ a very long time (etymology: in mathematics, n represents an arbitrarily large number)
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