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 quán shǒu boxer
 quán jī shǒu boxer
 quán jī xuǎn shǒu boxer
 xīn chǒu thirty-eighth year H2 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1961 or 2021 / cf 辛丑條約|辛丑条约, Protocol of Beijing of 1901 ending the 8-nation intervention after the Boxer uprising
 Yì hé tuán Yùn dòng Boxer Rebellion
 Kè lín dé Klemens Freiherr von Ketteler, German minister killed during the Boxer uprising
 sì jiǎo kù boxer shorts
 dà dāo huì Great Sword Society, an offshoot of the White Lotus in the late Qing dynasty, involved in anti-Western activity at the time of the Boxer rebellion
 gēng zǐ guó biàn the crisis year of 1900 involving the Boxer uprising and the eight nation military invasion
 Zhū Hóng dēng Zhu Hongdeng, one of the leaders of the Boxer Rebellion
 Shān Shān bīn Tsugiyama Akira, secretary at the Japanese legation killed during the Boxer uprising
 Dōng jiāo mín xiàng a street to the south of the Forbidden City that was the Legation quarter during the Boxer uprising
 Pǔ jùn a Qing prince who was the designated successor to emperor Guangxu until the Boxer uprising
 yì hé luàn the Boxer uprising
 Xīn chǒu Tiáo yuē Boxer Protocol of 1901 signed in Beijing, ending the Eight-power Allied Force intervention after the Boxer uprising
 èr máo zi lit. secondary foreigner / (derogatory term for Chinese Christians and others associated with foreigners, used at the time of the Boxer Rebellion) / (coll.) westernized Chinese person / (derog.) person of mixed Chinese and Russian blood / (slang) Ukraine / German shepherd dog / (dialect) two-year-old goat
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