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 zhèn disposition of troops / wave / spate / burst / spell / short period of time / classifier for events or states of short duration
 yī zhèn a burst / a fit / a peal / a spell (period of time)
 yī zhèn zi a while / a spell / a short time / a burst
 bào liè to rupture / to burst / to explode
 bèng liè to split / to crack / to burst (open)
 jué kǒu (of a watercourse) to breach its banks / (of a dam) to burst
 chōng kuǎ to burst / to break through / to topple
 chēng pò to burst
 bēng huài crash / breakdown (of social values etc) / burst / to crumble / to collapse
 chōng jué to burst (e.g. a dam)
 bēng jué to burst (of dam) / to be breached / to collapse
 kuì jué to collapse (of a dam) / to burst
 zhàn pò to burst / to split
 bào fā to break out / to erupt / to explode / to burst out
 bào xiào to burst out laughing / hilarious / burst of laughter
 tū fā to burst out suddenly / sudden outburst
 líng gǎn inspiration / insight / a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavor
 hā hā dà xiào to laugh heartily / to burst into loud laughter
 kāi huā to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out
 jǐ chū to squeeze out / to extrude / to drain / to find the time / to burst out
 bào chū to burst out / to appear unexpectedly / to break (media story)
 chuǎng jìn to burst in
 pò mén to burst or force open a door / to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Church) / to score a goal (in football, hockey etc)
 fā xiào to burst out laughing / to laugh
 bèng fā to burst forth
 zhàn kāi to burst forth
 jué liè to rupture / to burst open / to break / to break off relations with / a rupture
 xīn huā nù fàng to burst with joy (idiom) / to be over the moon / to be elated
 pēn fàn (coll.) to burst out laughing
 bēng liè to rupture / to burst open / to break up
 jué to decide / to determine / to execute (sb) / (of a dam etc) to breach or burst / definitely / certainly
 bào to explode or burst / to quick fry or quick boil
 zhàn to burst open / to split at the seam
 bèng to burst forth / to spurt / to crack / split
 dà fàng bēi shēng great release of sorrow / to burst into tears
 lè kāi huā to burst with joy
 dì xià hé bào zhà nuclear underground burst / underground nuclear explosion
 shuǐ xià hé bào zhà nuclear underwater burst / underwater nuclear explosion
 tǔ yàn to burst into bloom
 qì zhà to burst with rage / to blow one's top
 kuì bà dam burst / collapse of dam
 bào tāi flat tire / burst tire / blowout
 bèng fā chū to burst forth / to burst out
 mǎo jìn r to apply all one's strength in a burst of effort
  Massive Ordnance Air Burst
 bào xīn tóu yǐng diǎn burst point / ground zero
  burst point / ground zero
  air burst
 fàng shēng dà kū to burst into tears / to sob loudly / to bawl
 rén jiān bù chāi life is hard enough as it is / don't burst my bubble (Internet slang)
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