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 diāo kè to carve / to engrave / carving
 diāo huā carving / decorative carved pattern / arabesque
 bǎn kè carving / engraving
 shí diāo stone carving / carved sculpture
 zhuàn kè carving a seal
 yá diāo ivory carving
 bèi diāo shell carving
 zǔ carving on jade
 mò xíng corporal punishment consisting of carving and inking characters on the victim's forehead
 Dà mài dì place name in Ningxia with rock carving conjectured to be a stage in the development of Chinese characters
 yá kè rock carving / cliff engraving / words carved into cliff face
 diāo kè to carve / to engrave / carving
 zhuàn gōng craftsman engaged in carving characters
 gǔ kè carving in bone
  carving up a territory
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