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 shuǐ ní cement / CL:袋[dai4]
 jiāo jié to glue / to cement / a bond
 sān hé tǔ mortar / concrete / cement
 shuǐ mén tīng cement (Shanghainese) (loanword)
 yáng huī cement
 shì mǐn tǔ cement (loanword) (old)
 sù jiāo plastic / synthetic resin / plastic cement
 gān zào to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc) / desiccation / dull / uninteresting / arid
 guī suān yán shuǐ ní Portland cement
 bái shuǐ ní white cement
  Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials
  Arab Regional Development and Training Centre for the Cement Industry
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