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 zǔ fèn components / individual parts making up a compound
 liào jiàn materials and parts / components
 tiáo shì to debug / to adjust components during testing / debugging
 jiě tǐ to break up into components / to disintegrate / to collapse / to crumble
 diào zhuāng to construct by hoisting ready-built components into place
 zì gēn biǎo table of components used in wubi input method 五筆輸入法|五笔输入法[wu3 bi3 shu1 ru4 fa3]
 liú to distill / to break a liquid substance up into components by boiling
 qiū bā soldier (from the two components of the 兵 / character) (derog.)
 zì gēn tōng yòng mǎ common coding for components of Chinese character / same as Zheng coding 鄭碼|郑码[Zheng4 ma3]
 pái chá gù zhàng to troubleshoot / to check components individually for problems / troubleshooting
  components of the programme
  Central African Convention for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons, Their Ammunition and All Parts and Components That Can Be Used for Their Manufacture, Repair and Assembly / Kinshasa Convention
  substantive components of complex missions
  Disciplinary Code for Civilian Police Components of United Nations Peace-keeping Operations
𫫇 ě variant of 惡|恶[e3], esp. used in names of chemical components
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