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 bǎn quán copyright
 zhù zuò quán copyright
 zuò zhě quán copyright
 míng chēng quán copyright / rights to a trademark
 bǎn quán yè copyright page
 quán lì shēng míng copyright statement
 Dào bǎn dǎng Pirate Party, political movement whose main goal is to reform copyright law in line with the Internet era
 shì jiè bǎn quán gōng yuē Universal Copyright Convention
  International Copyright Information Centre
  Intergovernmental Committee of the Universal Copyright Convention
  World Book and Copyright Day
  International Copyright Society
  Intergovernmental Copyright Committee
  World Congress on Education and Information in the Field of Copyright
  Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights
  Copyright Seminar for Arab States
  WIPO Copyright Treaty
 Yīn Jí Xié China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA)
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