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 wú shù countless / numberless / innumerable
 qiān wàn ten million / countless / many / one must by all means
 shǔ bù qīng countless / innumerable
 duō rú niú máo as many as the hair of the ox (idiom) / great amount of / countless
 shù bu jìn countless
 shǔ bu jìn countless
 bù kě shèng shǔ countless / innumerable
 mò kě zhǐ shǔ countless / innumerable
亿 shù yǐ yì jì countless / innumerable
 qiān biàn wàn huà countless changes / constant permutation
 bù jì qí shù lit. their number cannot be counted (idiom) / fig. countless / innumerable
 qiān sī wàn lu:3 linked in countless ways
 wàn nán countless difficulties / extremely difficult / against all odds
 Héng hé shā shù countless as the grains of sand in the Ganges (idiom)
 guǒ shí léi léi lit. prodigious abundance of fruit (idiom) / fruit hangs heavy on the bough / fig. countless accomplishments / one great result after another
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