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 fù gài lu:4 coverage
 fù gài miàn coverage
 gài dù coverage (in botany)
 gài lu:4 coverage
  map coverage / coverage
 sǐ jiǎo gap in coverage / gap in protection or defenses / neglected or overlooked area / dead end
  immunization coverage
  immunization coverage
  immunization coverage
 fù gài jué angle of coverage
  coverage evaluation survey
 léi dá fù gài fàn wéi radar coverage
  Field Coverage Programme
  social security coverage
  Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All
 fù gài miàn jī area coverage
  gap in coverage / data gap
 duō cì fù gài chéng duó fold of coverage
 shěn jì fù gài fàn wéi audit coverage
  audit coverage
 huán wèi fù gài miàn sanitation coverage
  minimum data coverage
  minimum data coverage
线  coverage curve
  saturation sounding / overlapping coverage
 jiāo dié cè shēn saturation sounding / overlapping coverage
  bottom coverage
 jú yù fù gài Local Area Coverage
  data coverage
线 cè xiàn fù gài fàn wéi line coverage
  coverage frequency
  swathe coverage plot
  echo sounder coverage
  coverage map
  Meetings Coverage Section
  vaccination coverage
  observer coverage
  common midpoint coverage / multiple coverage
  common midpoint coverage / multiple coverage
  coverage of the monitoring system
  out-of-network coverage
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