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 yīn cì fēn xī dimensional
 gāo wéi (math.) higher dimensional
 gāo wéi dài shù cù (math.) higher dimensional algebraic variety
 Wàn wéi Tiān luó Dì wǎng World Wide Web (WWW) / lit. ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth / term coined by China News Digest and abbreviated to 萬維網|万维网[Wan4 wei2 wang3]
 chāo wéi kōng jiān hyperspace / superspace / higher dimensional space
 gāo wéi kōng jiān (math.) higher dimensional space
 chǐ cùn jiǎn yàn jī dimensional inspection machine
 chǐ duó wěn dìng xìng dimensional stability
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