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 mù lù catalog / table of contents / directory (on computer hard drive) / list / contents
 míng lù directory
 tōng xùn lù address book / directory
簿 diàn huà bù telephone directory
 gēn mù lù root directory
 lán pǔ lit. directory of orchids / fig. genealogical record (esp. exchanged between sworn brothers)
 jīn lán pǔ lit. directory of golden orchids / fig. genealogical record (esp. exchanged between sworn brothers)
 mù lù fú wù directory service
  World Directory of National Parks and Protected Areas
 xìn xī xué zhuān mén jī gòu míng lù Directory of Institutions Specialized in Informatics
  ICAO Public Key Directory
  Field Office Directory
 guó jì huán jìng xìn xī fù wù mù lù International Directory of Services of Environmental Information
  Directory of Counter-Terrorism Information and Sources of Assistance
 lián hé guó tòng yòng tòng xùn lù United Nations common directory
  Classification of Occupations and Directory of Occupational Titles
  Directory of Services for Technical Cooperation in Shipping, Ports and Multimodal Transport
  United Nations Trade Data Elements Directory
  World Directory of Trade Promotion Organizations and Other Foreign Trade Bodies
  Directory of Information Systems on Space Science and Technology
  Directory of Services for Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries
  World Directory of Human Rights Teaching and Research Institutions
  Directory of forest-related international and regional organizations
  International Food Intake Directory
  World Directory of Peace Research and Training Institutions
  Directory of Emergency Response Officers
  Antarctic Master Directory
  Antarctic Data Directory System and Database
  Antarctic Data Directory System
  Directory of National Machineries for the Advancement of Women
  Directory of Senior Officials
  Directory of Training Courses and Programmes in Europe and Neighbouring Areas
  World Directory of National Science Policy-making Bodies
  Directory of National Coordinating Committees
  Active Directory
  Directory of Environment Statistics
  Directory of Advanced Technologies for Disaster Response / ATDR Directory
  Directory of International Search and Rescue Teams
簿  United Nations Global Contact Directory / Global Contact Directory
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