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 bù mǎn resentful / discontented / dissatisfied
 fèn mèn depressed / resentful / discontented / indignant / perturbed
 yāng martingale (leather strap in horse harness) / discontented
 yàng discontented
 yù yù bù lè discontented (idiom)
欿 kǎn rán dissatisfied / discontented / lacking happiness
 bù ān qí shì to be discontented with one's home / to have adulterous relations after marriage (of women) (idiom)
欿 kǎn discontented with oneself
 bù ān fen discontented with life / also written 不安分[bu4 an1 fen5]
 xīn cún bù mǎn to be discontented / to be dissatisfied
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