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 shǎn liàng brilliant / shiny / a flare / to glisten / to twinkle
 zhào míng dàn flare / star shell
 shǎn yì to flare / to flash
 fā zuò to flare up / to break out
 fèi téng (of a liquid) to boil / (of sentiments etc) to boil over / to flare up / to be impassioned
 huí huǒ to temper (iron) / to flare back / flareback (in a gas burner) / (of an engine) to backfire
 lā píng to bring to the same level / to even up / to flare out / to flatten out
耀 yào bān solar flare
 bào zhà de wú xiào dàn flare dud
 liào juě zi (of mules, horses etc) to kick backward / to kick with the hind legs / fig. to flare up in anger / to display defiance
  trip flare
 é jǐng shì zhào míng huǒ yàn goose-neck flare
耀 yào bān xíng chéng yán jiū Flare Build-up Study
  flash-bang diversionary grenade / flare and sound grenade / sound and flash grenade / stun grenade / sound bomb / percussion grenade
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