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 yí chuán xìng hereditary / inherited / genetic
 jī yīn jiàn dìng genetic
 yí chuán xìng xìng xī yǐn genetic
 shēng wù gōng chéng bioengineering / genetic engineering
 zhuǎn jī yīn genetic modification
 jī yīn gōng chéng genetic engineering
 jī yīn tū biàn genetic mutation
 qīn yuán blood relationship / genetic relationship / consanguinity
 zhì jī producing abnormality / leading to genetic malformation / teratogenic
 yí chuán gōng chéng genetic engineering
 rǎn sè zhì chromosome / genetic material of chromosome
 yí chuán wù zhì genetic material
 jī yīn mǎ genetic code
 jī yīn rǎn sè tǐ yì cháng genetic chromosome abnormality
 yí chuán xìng jí bìng genetic disorder
 jī yīn xiū gǎi genetic modification
 jī yīn biàn yì genetic variation
 yí chuán xìn xī genetic information
 yí chuán mì mǎ genetic code
 yí chuán tè xìng genetic trait
 jī yīn duō yàng xìng genetic diversity
  State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture / State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources
  population bottleneck / genetic bottleneck
  Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  Global Animal Genetic Data Bank
  International Fund for Plant Genetic Resources
 jī yīn liú dòng gene flow / genetic flow
  Panel of Experts on Animal Genetic Resources Conservation and Management
  Statutes of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
 jī yīn bìng genetic disorder
  International Network for Genetic Evaluation of Rice
  genetic damage
退  genetic erosion
  loss of genetic variations
  animal genetic resources for agriculture
  plant genetic resources
  genetic privacy
 zhí rù qián jī yīn zhěn duàn pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  marine genetic resources
  African network for conservation and management of genetic resources
  Genetic Use Restriction Technology
  Commission on Plant Genetic Resources
  International Technical Conference on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources for Agriculture / International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources
  Leipzig Declaration on Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture / Leipzig Declaration, 1996
  International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
 jī yīn wū rǎn genetic contamination / GMO contamination
  genetic contamination / GMO contamination
  reproductive and genetic technology
  System-wide Information Network for Genetic Resources
  animal genetic resources
  genetic biodiversity resources
  plant genetic resources for agriculture
  Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources
  Intergovernmental Technical Working Group on Animal Genetic Resources
  International Conference on Animal Genetic Resources
  Global Information and Early Warning System on Plant Genetic Resources
  genetic mother
  Global Strategy for the Management of Farm Animal Genetic Resources
  International Board for Plant Genetic Resources
  International Coconut Genetic Resources Network
  International Declaration on Human Genetic Data
  European Forest Genetic Resources
  Discrimination and genetic privacy
  genetic radiosensitivity
  Genetic Improvement of Farmed Tilapia
  Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources
 jī yīn gǎi zào genetic modification (GM)
 jī gǎi genetic modification (GM) / abbr. for 基因改造[ji1 yin1 gai3 zao4]
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