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 lè hē hē happily / giddily
 huān huān xǐ xǐ happily
 xǐ xǐ huān huān happily
 chàng rán happily / in high spirits
 yuān yāng (bird species of China) mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) / (fig.) affectionate couple / happily married couple
 huān xiào to laugh happily / a belly-laugh
 ān jū lè yè to live in peace and work happily (idiom)
 huān jù yī táng to gather happily under one roof
 jiā ǒu happily married couple
 jí shí xíng lè to enjoy the present (idiom) / to live happily with no thought for the future / make merry while you can / carpe diem
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