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 mó nǐ imitation / to simulate / to imitate / analog (device, as opposed to digital)
 fān bǎn to reprint / reproduction / pirate copy / (fig.) imitation / carbon copy / clone
 shān zhài fortified hill village / mountain stronghold (esp. of bandits) / (fig.) knockoff (goods) / counterfeit / imitation
 mào pái huò fake goods / imitation / forgery
仿 fǎng mào pǐn counterfeit object / imitation / fake / pirated goods
仿 xì fǎng parody / imitation
仿 gāo fǎng imitation / quality fake
 mào pái fake / impostor / quack (doctor) / imitation brand
仿 fǎng Sòng imitation Song dynasty typeface / Fangsong font
 zhào māo huà hǔ lit. drawing a tiger using a cat as a model (idiom) / fig. to follow a model and get things more or less right but without capturing the spirit of the subject / uninspired imitation
仿 fǎng pí imitation leather
仿 fǎng yáng pí zhǐ imitation parchment
 shān zhài huò fake / imitation or counterfeit product
 shī gǔ following the ways of old / in imitation of ancient style
仿 mó fǎng pǐn imitation product / counterfeit / fake
 zhēn jiǎ nán biàn hard to distinguish real from imitation
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