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穿 chuān chā to insert / to take turns, alternate / to interweave / to interlace / subplot / interlude / episode / (military) to thrust deep into the enemy forces
 guò chǎng interlude / to cross the stage / to do sth as a mere formality / to go through the motions
 jiān zòu interlude (music)
 chā qǔ music played during a movie, play etc / incidental music / music played in a theatrical interlude / (fig.) incident / episode
 xiē zi wedge / peg / stopper / prologue (in some modern novels) / prologue or interlude in Yuan dynasty drama
 guò mén to pass through a doorway / (of a woman) to marry / orchestral music interlude in an opera
 xiǎo chā qǔ episode / brief interlude
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