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 jiāo tōng to be connected / traffic / transportation / communications / liaison
 lián luò to get in touch with / to contact / to stay in contact (with) / liaison / (math.) connection
 fù yīn xíng diphthong / liaison
 lián sòng liaison (in phonetics) (loanword)
 lián dú liaison (in phonetics)
 lián luò chù liaison office
  liaison officer
  Associate Liaison Officer
  Liaison Office of the Rubber Industries of the European Economic Community
  Rule of Law Liaison Office
  Military Liaison Office
  External Relations and Liaison Branch
  Media Liaison Officer
  police liaison officer
  Mine Action Liaison Unit
  Field Liaison Unit
  Associate Humanitarian Affairs Liaison Officer
  Humanitarian Liaison Officer
  Sanctions Liaison Group
  military liaison officer
  liaison Air Force officer
  air liaison outpost
  Information and NGO Liaison Officer
  NGO Liaison Officer
  United Nations Liaison Office to the African Union
  Personnel, Information, Liaison Unit
  INTERPOL Liaison Office
  United Nations International School Liaison Unit
  Sahelian Liaison Office
  liaison officer
  European Liaison Office / Geneva Liaison Office
  European Liaison Office / Geneva Liaison Office
  civil-military liaison officer
  Engineer Planning and Liaison Cell
  Operations Research and Liaison Unit / (proposed) Situation Centre Operations Research and Liaison Unit
  Field Procurement and Liaison Team
  Administrative Liaison Office
  Assistant Liaison Officer
  Israeli-Jordanian Liaison Committee
  drug liaison officer
  Ad Hoc Liaison Committee for the Occupied Territories
  Chief Military Liaison Officer
  Commonwealth Liaison Units
  Legal Liaison Office
  Joint Liaison Committee
  Governorate Liaison Officer
  Environmental Liaison Centre
  Regional Commissions Liaison Office
  Comité français des organisations non gouvernementales pour la liaison et l'information des Nations Unies
  United Nations Development Programme Liaison Office in Tokyo / UNDP Liaison Office in Tokyo
  UNDP Liaison Office in Brussels
  Iraqi Liaison Officer
  NGO Liaison Unit
  Emergency Liaison Branch
  New York Liaison Office
  Human Rights Liaison Office
  European Liaison Officer
  Senior Legal Liaison Officer
  Coordination and Liaison Administration
  Director of the UNAMIR Liaison Office
  Kinshasa Liaison Office
  Protocol and NGO Liaison Office / Protocol and Non-Governmental Organization Liaison Office
  Groupement aérien de transport et de liaison
  Liaison and Support Centre
  Environment Liaison Centre International
  Inter-Departmental Press Liaison Centre
  International Liaison Centre for Cinema and Television Schools
  United Nations Enterprise Liaison Service
  Aviation Liaison Office
  Lowveld Liaison Committee
  Liaison Group of Biodiversity-related Conventions / Biodiversity Liaison Group
  Liaison Group of Biodiversity-related Conventions / Biodiversity Liaison Group
  Community Liaison Interpreter
  VIP liaison air unit / VIP liaison air flight
  Maritime Liaison Office
  Protocol and Liaison Service
  Bureau for Research, Liaison and Special Projects
  Chief, NGO Liaison Office
  United Nations Liaison Office
  WFP Liaison Office, Japan
  WFP Liaison Office, Washington
  WFP Liaison Office, Geneva
  WFP Liaison Office, New York
  WFP Liaison Office, Brussels
  Washington Liaison Office
  United Nations Liaison Office in Sierra Leone
  United Nations Liaison Office in Cairo
  Office of the Chief Military Liaison Officer
  Police and Justice Liaison Office
  Liaison Office of the Prosecutor of the International Tribunal
  Humanitarian Liaison Office
  Court Liaison Office
  Darwin Liaison Office
  ESCAP Pacific Liaison Office
  Regional Intelligence Liaison Office
  Belgrade Liaison Office
  District Civil Liaison Office
  UNTAET Liaison Office in Jakarta
  Regional Liaison Office
  Regional Liaison Office in Addis Ababa
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