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 chōu jiǎng to draw a prize / a lottery / a raffle
 bó cǎi lottery
 lè tòu lottery / lotto (loanword)
 mō cǎi to draw lots / raffle / lottery
 xìng yùn chōu jiǎng lucky draw / lottery
 yáo hào lottery
 cǎi piào lottery ticket
 kāi jiǎng to announce the winners in a lottery
 cǎi mín lottery player
 jiǎng quàn raffle or lottery ticket
 zhòng cǎi to win a lottery
 guā guā kǎ lottery scratchcard
 cǎi tóu good omen / good luck (in business etc) / profits (gained in gambling, lottery etc)
 tóu cǎi first prize in a lottery
 cǎi juǎn color film / abbr. for 彩色膠卷|彩色胶卷 / lottery ticket
 cǎi (bright) color / variety / applause / applaud / lottery prize
 zhòng lè tòu to have a win in the lottery
 guā guā lè scratch-and-win lottery
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