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 rén gōng artificial / manpower / manual work
 rén lì manpower / labor power
 láo dòng lì labor force / manpower
 rén shǒu manpower / staff / human hand
 zī yuán natural resource (such as water or minerals) / resource (such as manpower or tourism)
 qiān jūn wàn mǎ magnificent army with thousands of men and horses (idiom) / impressive display of manpower / all the King's horses and all the King's men
 qīng huáng bù jiē lit. yellow does not reach green (idiom) / the yellow autumn crop does not last until the green spring crop / temporary deficit in manpower or resources / unable to make ends meet
 láo mín shāng cái waste of manpower and resources
 bīng yuán manpower resources (for military service) / sources of troops
 cǎo chuán jiè jiàn lit. using straw boats to borrow arrows (idiom, from 三國演義|三国演义[San1 guo2 Yan3 yi4]) / fig. to use others' manpower and resources for one's own ends
  manpower planning
 bǎo jiàn rén yuán péi xùn fāng àn health manpower development programme
 wèi shēng rén lì zī yuán health manpower
 gōng yè rén lì xùn liàn gōng zuò zǔ Working Group on the Training of Industrial Manpower
  Manpower Planning Officer
  International Symposium on Manpower Requirements and Development for Nuclear Power Programmes
  Health Manpower Development Working Group
  Regional Workshop on Manpower Development for Rehabilitation
  Expert-Level Meeting on Manpower Exchange and Social Security
  Working Party of the Manpower and Social Affairs Committee on the Role of Women
  Manpower and Social Affairs Committee
  Interregional Seminar on Demographic Aspects of Manpower
  Regional Seminar on Population and Manpower Planning
  Asian Manpower Plan
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