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 yíng xiāo marketing
 shì chǎng yíng xiāo marketing
 xíng xiāo to sell / marketing
 zhí xiāo to sell directly / direct sale (by a factory) / direct marketing
 chuán xiāo multi-level marketing
 chǎn xiāo production and sales / production and marketing
 gōng xiāo supply and marketing / distribution / supply and sales
 xiāo shòu jīng lǐ Marketing Manager
 shā pán sand table (military) / 3D terrain (or site) model (for real estate marketing, geography class etc) / sand tray (on which to write characters)
 zhǔ xiāo kingpin (vehicle part) / to focus one's marketing efforts on (a region, product etc)
 shì xiāo trial sale / test marketing
 tǒng gòu tǒng xiāo state monopoly of purchasing and marketing
 xuān chuán gōng shì marketing campaign
 bìng dú shì yíng xiāo viral marketing / see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销[bing4 du2 ying2 xiao1]
 bìng dú xìng yíng xiāo viral marketing / see also 病毒營銷|病毒营销[bing4 du2 ying2 xiao1]
 bìng dú yíng xiāo viral marketing
 tǒng xiāo state marketing monopoly
 xíng xiāo sù qiú marketing message
 guān xi yíng xiāo relationship marketing
 xiāo shòu xǔ kě marketing approval
  social marketing
 lā dīng měi zhōu qū yù yú chǎn xiāo shòu xìn xī fù wù Marketing Information and Technical Advisory Services for Fish Products in Latin America and the Caribbean
  Marketing and Sales Section
 xiāo shòu jú marketing board
  Association of Food Marketing Institutes in Asia and the Pacific
  Sales and Marketing
 xiāo shòu yán jiū zhù lǐ Marketing Research Assistant
  orderly marketing arrangements
  single-channel marketing entity
  Agriculture Production and Marketing Section
  Product Line and Marketing Group
 gòng shēng yíng xiāo symbiotic marketing
 shàng shì xǔ kě marketing approval
  Inter-American Marketing Centre
  Working Party on Processing, Marketing and Distribution, including Transportation
  Agricultural Food Marketing Association for the Near East and North Africa
  African Fertilizer Trade and Marketing Information Network
  Precious Minerals Marketing Company
 guó yíng shí yóu xiāo shòu zǔ zhī State Oil Marketing Organization
  Manual on Commodities and Marketing Channels
 mǔ rǔ dài yòng pǐn guó jì xiāo shòu shǒu zé International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes
  Regional Union of Food Marketing Institutions in the Near East and Africa
  Asian Food Marketing Association
  Marketing Planning Clerk
  Computerized System of Fish Marketing Information
  Latin American Agency for the Marketing of Foodstuffs
  Association of Food Marketing Agencies in Eastern and Southern Africa
  social marketing of contraceptives
  Latin American Multinational Fertilizer Marketing Corporation
  multinational marketing enterprise
  external crop marketing
  internal crop marketing
  Marketing and Resource Mobilization Manager
  Programme Communication and Marketing Service
  Regional Enterprise for the Marketing of Central American Handicrafts
  Expert Group on Cooperation Among Southeast Asian Countries in the Marketing of Tropical Timber Products
  situational marketing
  mass marketing
  event marketing / chrono-merchandising
 shǒu xí yíng xiāo guān chief marketing officer (CMO)
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