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 míng zhù masterpiece
 míng zhù masterpiece
 jié zuò masterpiece
 lì zuò to put effort into (work, farming, writing etc) / a masterpiece
 jiā zuò masterpiece / fine piece of writing
 dǐng fēng peak / summit / fig. high point / masterpiece
 míng zuò masterpiece / famous work
 fēng bēi large inscribed stele / fig. great achievement / imperishable masterpiece
 gǒu wěi xù diāo lit. to use a dog's tail as a substitute for sable fur (idiom) / fig. a worthless sequel to a masterpiece
 liáng gōng xīn kǔ expert craft from hard practice (idiom) / hard-won skill / A masterpiece demands suffering.
 mǎn mù lín láng lit. to fill one's eyes with glittering jewels / a literary masterpiece or sb of extraordinary talent (idiom)
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