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 mìng míng fǎ nomenclature
 èr míng fǎ binomial nomenclature (taxonomy) / same as 雙名法|双名法[shuang1 ming2 fa3]
 mìng míng xì tǒng system of nomenclature
 shuāng míng fǎ binomial nomenclature (taxonomy)
  organizational nomenclature
 hǎi guān shuì zé mù lù Customs Nomenclature
 tǒng yī zhì duó shuì zé míng mù Harmonized System Nomenclature
  Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
  Working Group on Lunar and Martian Nomenclature
  International Code of Nomenclature
  Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature
  Convention on Nomenclature for the Classification of Goods in Customs Tariffs
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