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 xīn shǒu new hand / novice / raw recruit
 wài jiào foreign teacher (abbr. for 外國教師|外国教师) / greenhorn / novice / amateurish / religion other than Buddhism (term used by Buddhists)
 chū chū máo lú venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time (idiom) / young and inexperienced / novice / greenhorn
 xīn dīng new addition to a family (i.e. a birth) / a boy who has just come of age / (in a job etc) newcomer / novice
 shēng shǒu novice / new hand / sb new to a job
 xiǎo bái (slang) novice / greenhorn / fool / idiot / abbr. for 小白臉|小白脸[xiao3 bai2 lian3], pretty boy
 shā mí novice Buddhist monk
 bàng hè practice in which a novice monk is shouted at or hit with a stick with the purpose of bringing about instant awakening (Buddhism) / to rebuke sternly
 xīn shǒu new hand / novice
 yí xiào fāng jiā a novice making a fool of himself / to make oneself ridiculous before experts
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