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 chū lù a way out (lit. and fig.) / opportunity for advancement / a way forward / outlet (for one's products)
 chā zuò socket / outlet
 qù lù the way one is following / outlet
 dài xiāo diàn outlet / commission shop / agency
 jīng xiāo shāng dealer / seller / distributor / broker / agency / franchise (i.e. company) / retail outlet
 xiāo shòu diǎn point of sale (POS) / checkout / retail outlet
 chū fēng kǒu air vent / air outlet
 chū shuǐ kǒu water outlet / drainage outlet
 chū qì kǒu gas or air outlet / emotional outlet
 ào tè lái sī outlets (loanword) / retail outlet (e.g. specializing in seconds of famous brands) / factory outlet retail store
 gōng gòng wèi shēng suǒ public health outlet
 gōng chǎng zhí xiāo diàn factory outlet
  public distribution outlet
 chàng huò zhōng xīn outlet store (Tw)
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